From Concept to Completion

IDR Commercial Construction Management Inc. offers innovative and tailored solutions for your unique property needs. Whether you’re in the market to make a real estate investment, or seeking a trusted, experienced industry expert to provide seamless building systems and service upgrades, our diverse scope and knowledge of construction, design and development projects will provide guidance with every step of the way.

Customized Solutions

Customized solutions are our specialty. Our full-service design-build services and building systems upgrade services provide customized solutions, and expert guidance that will accommodate your budget, schedule, and unique vision.

Knowledgeable Team

When you sign on with IDR, we work closely with you, providing expert customer service, scope clarity and the best solutions for your complex projects.

Customized Solutions

Customized solutions are our specialty. We carefully select reputable vendors and source high-quality goods to ensure we deliver a high-quality product and customized experience.

Communication & Collaboration

We pride ourselves on providing transparent, honest feedback, expert recommendations, and strategic advice so you can make well-informed decisions.

Designing or Renovating a Commercial Building?

Our full-service design-build professionals will guide and support you through the process of purchasing, renovating or designing a new building. In the design and pre-construction phase, our team of experts will carefully evaluate and customize the scope of work, keep you well-informed on what is required, as well as present you with tailored solutions.

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Campbell Heights Project by IDR CCM

Looking for a Trusted Building Systems Upgrades Provider?

With over 20 years of building systems upgrades experience, our highly skilled team of professionals will support you through complex, highly technical projects.

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From Conception to Completion

We provide innovative and tailored solutions for your unique property needs at every phase of your building project.

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