Project Management/ Design-Build

In Project Management / Design-Build, we assist the client from concept to completion of the project. Our senior Project Managers bring years of experience and insight to this process; our goal is a project that is seamless for our clients and delivers a superior product.

In the initial stages, we collaborate with designers and consultants to develop the clients’ concept, from ideas to schematic plans and, ultimately, to working drawings.  We manage the tender process and qualify the sub-trade bids, finally presenting a complete number to the client for approval.  Once the budget numbers are approved by the client, the construction phase begins.  Where necessary, we provide on-site management and oversight of all sub-trades to ensure that the design and process requirements are followed.

At any stage of the process, we identify opportunities to limit the environmental impact of the project.  Collaboration and communication with our clients and consultants means potential concerns are discussed and solutions developed, even before work is initiated.

We work to the best of our ability to communicate with integrity and transparency,with all stake-holders,to create a positive, collaborative work environment.  We are committed to managing the complex stages of every project, from inception to completion, with our goal being a better, more cost-effective, project.