TELUS New Westminster CO.

In this Construction Management project, the scope of the work was to upgrade the HVAC/ ventilation system in one of TELUS’s main central offices.  It was a three staged approach.

Stage one:  Upgrading the Chillers (Picture provided) and cooling towers, replacing the existing aged units.

Stage two:Changing the configuration of the piping (picture provided) for better distribution of the chilled water throughout the building, allowing more control over the five chillers that service the building.

Stage three:  Adding a larger unit to the roof top (picture provided), augmenting the outdated, inefficient model and adding an enclosing screen (6′ high, 60′ long).  This allowed for an increased airflow to one of the major equipment rooms.

This work was phased over a two year period. It was mandatory that TELUS’ equipment be protected, kept cool and operational throughout this multi-staged project.

Roof Top Units (TELUS NW) Piping configuration (TELUS NW) Chiller (Telus NW)