AIRGAS/Red-D-Arc Canada – In Construction

Currently under construction.  The renovations of this 38,000 sq foot building and the 2.5 acres of surrounding land is well underway. The First and Second Phases were staggered in their initiation, and are now both running simulaneously.

Before construction could begin Iain Barrie of IDR worked closely with the client to assertain their needs and worked with the city in rezoning of the chosen facility to meet the clients requirements.  Bringing on consultants, Iain directed the process/plans in preparation for the work to begin.  From original talks with the client to the plans in hand and the cities approvals it was approximately 7 months.

Talk about boys with big toys… this is the ultimate renovations site; finely planned and in the final stages of execution!  When it’s completed the plant will have gone from a vacant 1980’s warehouse to an efficiently planned and running 38,000 sq ft gas plant and welding equipment machine shop. Fill bunkers, Silos, Wash station, Sales site and Office spaces have all been incorporated into the site.

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2014 L.O.R. – AG RDA